Desktop Speakers

Small speakers are ideal for desktop use. They are mostly suited for personal use and are often much less expensive than bookshelves. A subwoofer will be needed for those who prioritize bass. Because of their smaller size, they are better suited for nearfield listening.

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Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers can be used for a desktop or in a living room or listening room environment. They are great for personal use and for parties. There are many players in this category and competition is fierce which benefits the consumer.

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Multi-Room Speakers

The newest category in home audio is the multi-room speaker. Controlled by apps, these speakers play through a home wifi and are an investment into an ecosystem.

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What Are Powered Speakers?

As people simplify their lives, powered speakers are gaining in popularity. Traditional passive speakers require an amp, DAC, and pre-amp to play music. Powered speakers come with one or all three of the components built into the speaker. But that's just the beginning. Newer speakers come with Wifi and app support as well as Bluetooth. This buyer's guide lists some of the best stereo powered speakers on the market today. With powered speakers, all you need is a source such as your computer or phone and a wall outlet and you are ready to go.